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I am so in love with this frame! It's gorgeous! Thank you so much for your follow up and for such a speedy and professional service! :) will definitely be ordering again soon!

Dina Zahran - Dinz Clothing

Celebrating cultural diversity at best, Yislamoo‘s greeting cards are honestly the cutest thing out there.


Love the new website.
I've just ordered cards and it was very easy and friendly.

Bader Al Hejailan - THOUQ



Supermama Sima from ekeif

Supermama Sima from ekeif

Give us a brief introduction about yourself Mama Sima, a mother for 2. Love healthy living 80% of the time and enjoy life fully.     In details, W...
Rawan Besomi, The Superiorita from Jaketah

Rawan Besomi, The Superiorita from Jaketah

Here's to talented young ladies who go after their dreams and build a name for themselves, one jacket at a time! Meet Rawan Besomi, founder of Jake...
Interview with Dina Fawakhiri

Interview with Dina Fawakhiri

We are beyond thrilled to have Dina join our group of beautiful artists, we have always been huge fans of her work as an illustrator and her new ha...