What inspires you the most?

Anything & everything can inspire me.. I can be at an art exhibition, having coffee

with a friend, talking to new people from different backgrounds can give me

inspiration. The most inspiration I get is actually when I'm on holiday.


If you weren't an interior designer, what would you have become?

An artist. I am currently doing both, yet if I ever stop designing I would paint.


Can you describe the current style of home decor in the UAE or Dubai, what would bethe "IT" home interior?

UAE market is very different. As there are a lot of people from different cultures &

different backgrounds. The "IT" home should reflect the surrounding environment

otherwise it will feel out of place.


What is your signature style and how do you incorporate it into your designs?

I am interested in balance in any home which creates a harmony in any space, the more balance you have in a space the more relaxed people would feel. This what I care about, how people feel in my designed space.


What are the most common design mistakes you see and what tips would you offer toimprove them?

Lighting. If you have the most beautiful space and the lighting is wrong, it's like you wearing the most beautiful clothes and sitting in the dark.

What is your favorite Wall Art piece?

Arabic Wall Art | Mashallah in Kufi | Yislamoo