Six Ways to Arrange Your Frame Wall

September 24, 2017

Every home should have a frame wall that nestles it's most prided pictures, family photos or art. Not only is it a decor statement, but it's a beautiful way to tell a story about you, the people who are important to you as well.

We gathered our most favorite arrangements which suit different spaces, small and large; along with simple tips to help you build your frame wall.




A unified grid is the most straightforward wall to fill a wall and add on to with time. Its consistency creates a strong focal point.


Yislamoo | Grid Wall Arrangement
  • Consider the grouping of frames as one piece and center it over your furniture. If there's no furniture along the wall, balance the composition with the entire wall space, top to bottom and left to right.
  • Depending on the frame's size, leave an even amount of space between each frame for consistency.

Yislamoo | Grid Wall Arrangement


This layout is softer on the eyes and adds relief to your arrangement while maintaining symmetry. It also allows for adding more frames over the years.


  • Leave between 12-15 centimeters from the top of the piece of furniture to the bottom of your lowest frame.
  • Only use two frame sizes to create this pattern, picture a vertical or horizontal axis aligning your frames when making this arrangement.

Yislamoo | Mixed Grid Wall Art Arrangement


A row of frames makes a strong statement and visually widens the room. You may use the same artwork in a repetition of three or more frames for quite a dramatic look. 

  • This arrangement looks best when the color palette is unified among the images used.

Yislamoo | Horizontal Wall Art Arrangement



Mix styles and sizes for a unique, collected-over-time look that works in spaces large or small.

  • When mixing frame sizes and style, choose similar images to create a more cohesive look.
  • Align frame edges along a vertical or horizontal axis so your arrangement looks deliberate, not messy.

Yislamoo | Eclectic Wall Art arrangement


Great for smaller areas, this layout lets you mix sizes and shapes along a centered vertical line.

  • Consider using a frame that spans two-thirds of the width of your furniture for a balanced look.
  • Leave about four and one-half inches from the top of your furniture to the bottom of the lowest frame.

Yislamoo | vertical Wall Arrangement


We call this the laid-back arrangement! Because it allows you to rearrange your frames as often as you like without having to remove, rehang, replaster anything.

  • Hang a ledge about 20-25 centimeters from the highest point of your sofa or dining room chair to allow head clearance when seated.

Yislamoo | Versatile Wall Art Arrangement

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