May 18, 2017

We met Sarah Saleh in one of Friday's Ripe Market events in Zaabeel Park. Her charming bags were neatly stacked on a table in the park with a small sign that read: proudly made in UAE.

As many young women who live in Dubai but originally from another state, Sarah has creatively absorbed here surroundings and the beauty of Arabia and weaved it into beautiful and environmentally conscious fashionable bags. And that's why we find her a true Superiorita.


Interview with Sarah Saleh from RAW Bag | Yislamoo


Give us a brief introduction about yourself

I am a mom to a 4-year old girl and wife to an amazing husband. Palestinian and Lebanese roots, born in England and raised in many countries!

Currently living in Dubai but will be moving to Toronto soon to start a new adventure..

In details, What do you do for a living and what do you do for life?

I am an Interior Designer by profession, kicked off my career as a wedding/stage designer for huge Emiratee weddings.. moved on to owning my own online store and eventually found myself designing bags!

I enjoy every bit about owning my own business, didn’t regret leaving the corporate world at all!

If you weren’t a bag designer, what would you be?

I had interest in Archeology when I was young.. it’s an exciting field to tap into; it blends both beauty, culture and history!

What is your favorite time of the day?

Those quiet night hours after tucking my little one in bed! SILENCE :D

Who is the most inspiring person to you?

Anyone that takes a step ahead of the norm is inspiring to me whether that’s in design, life or just a way of thinking. I am inspired by people that don’t fit in the picture; those that have a style of their own and never afraid of showing it.

Who would you like to meet the most from a past life?

My grandma [mom’s side]. She left the world way too early in a tragic story leaving behind 6-kids and I was told she was a beautiful talented avant-garde woman. May she rest in peace.

Favorite food?

Lebanese food!

Favorite musician?

My taste changes as I age J Started off with MJ, George Michael, Sting, Tracy Chapman but currently I am fond of Dua Lipa’s genre and perhaps Maroon Five..

Biggest fear?

The loss of dear ones.

Biggest joy?

My daughter.

Hob Love Wall Art Print | Yislamoo

Favorite Yislamoo Wall Art?

HOB Love print

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FavoriteYislamoo Card?

Watermelon Fan card

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