How Jack Nicholson inspired one of our Valentine's Day cards

February 02, 2013


Yislamoo | How Jack Nicholson inspired one of our Valentine's Day cards

Yes, one of our Valentine’s Day cards is a direct response to a famous line recited by academy award winner Jack Nicholson in the movie As good as it gets”. The movie is a love story between an obnoxious grumpy middle-aged man and a hard-working single mother.

Although the image in the card we created entitled “Your Love will Change Me” refers to the famous children story book “The Princess and the Frog” it is actually a reflection on a memorable scene in the movie where Nicholson and his love interest played by Helen Hunt who has just threatened to leave him if doesn’t say something nice to her. He thinks hard and a wide grin is painted on his face where he starts mumbling about how his psychiatrist prescribed him a medication for his condition and how much he hates pills (firmly stressing on hate). To her bewilderment, he then states than when he met her he decided to start taking the pills. The look on her face is priceless because she simply can’t find a connection on how on earth is this a compliment, until, he utters: “You make me want to be a better man”.

Those words took us quickly to the story about the princess and the frog with one revelation. There was no prince, there was no bad witch who cast a spell on him and turned him to a frog. As much as we’d like to blame others for the way we are, he was always a frog as obnoxious as Jack. It’s the princess’s love that changed him.

We are all frogs and love is the only thing that turns us to princes and princesses.

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