Things to Do on Mother's Day to Make it Extra Special

March 12, 2013

Yislamoo | Ideas on how to make Mother's Day extra special

A gift is always nice to show how much you really appreciate your mom, and you can check out some of our gift suggestions here

However,  taking the time to actually do something together will build a much stronger and meaningful bond. Here’s some ideas

  • Start her off with a big breakfast for the whole family, doesn’t matter if you made it or if it’s store bought, as long as it’s special and out of her daily routine. If your mom is already a grandmother too, nothing brings the house to life more than running and screaming grandchildren.
  • Treat her to a day at the spa, a facial and a massage would do the trick to get her all relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • There’s something about waterscape that’s calming and relaxing, so… If you’re in Jordan, take her down to the Dead Sea, stroll down the salt coated cliffs and enjoy March’s amazing weather. If you’re outside of Jordan anywhere else close to a beach or a lake, plan a picnic nearby and don’t forget to invite family and friends, the more the merrier.
  • Getting a photograph together on Mother’s Day will hold a special meaning and become a treasured memory especially if you might be going off for work or study. Hey! It’s a great opportunity not to waste you getting all dressed up for the occasion, better capture it.
  • If she likes gardening, bring her a new gardening kit with starter seeds and pots, and treat her to a pleasant afternoon of chatting and planting flowers together. Once they start to bloom, she’ll always remember the day she spent with you and cherish it.
  • Create a ladies movie night just for her; gather only her best friends to watch any of her favorite movies from back when they were all teenagers, that trip down memory lane would sure have plenty of funny stories and giggles.
  • Ask for advice, nothing makes a mom feel more special than making her feel her opinion matters and that she is needed, it doesn’t have to be a situation of life and death, but anything from choosing a fabric color or what to cook for lunch this week. If you’re used to arguing with her all the time, she’ll appreciate very much this change of pace and you’ll be surprised that’s it’s not too bad to give in every once in a while. After all you are here on this beautiful earth because of her.

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