October 26, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas | Yislamoo
Here are our recommendations for the ever generous at heart gift givers.
If you're looking for small stocking stuffers or show-stopping presents for those special people in your life.
Delivery Timeline
  • Greeting cards, mugs, and tote bags are delivered within 1-2 business days domestically and 2-3 business days internationally.

  • Wall art requires 3-5 business days 
    1. Last day for international orders to receive wall art purchases by 12/21 is Tuesday, December 12
    2. The last day for domestic orders to receive wall art purchases by 12/21 is Sunday, December 15

The Fashionista 

Gift Ideas for the Fashionista | Yislamoo

Sassy and stylish designs even Anna Wintour and Fashion Police would love!

The Musician

Gift Ideas for The Musician | Yislamoo

These gifts are alive with the sound of music!These gifts are alive with the sound of music! 

The Foodie

Gift Ideas for The Foodie | Yislamoo

Delicious yet calorie-free designs! 

The Geek

Gift Ideas for The Geek | Yislamoo

Things only code enthusiasts and pixel pushers would appreciate.

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