The Cross-Stitch Collection

August 02, 2018 1 min read

Yislamoo | Cross Stitch Collection 3

The new collection is inspired by our home country Palestine, famed for "tatreez" traditional embroidery. Rich and beautifully colored motifs, adored Palestinian women garments. (From Wikipedia) "Until the 1940s, traditional Palestinian costumes reflected a woman's economic and marital status and her town or district of origin, with knowledgeable observers discerning this information from the fabric, colors, cut, and embroidery motifs (or lack thereof) used in the apparel."

Yislamoo | Cross Stitch Collection 1

The artwork was created digitally, stitch by stitch, to in some way put ourselves in the shoes of those who endured hours of sometimes tedious stitching and sewing. But the beauty of this kind of work is how you are mostly looking closely at the garment while stitching and every now and then you push back and look from afar to enjoy the beautiful pattern and see your progress.

Yislamoo | Cross Stitch Collection 1


Once you get the "Tatreez" bug, you really can't stop! So we'll be adding more pieces as we go along. Stay tuned...




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