Ramadan Collection is Here!

August 03, 2018 1 min read

BLOG | Ramadan Collection by Yislamoo

Going through Instagram the last few weeks, got us thinking why haven't we created a Ramadan collection or as they like to describe it a Capsule Collection? So here goes, our first wall decor pieces to welcome the Holy month in Yislamoo's modern Arabia and quirky style; basically things you won't find in open markets or any bazaar.

The collection was inspired by the popularity of Ramadan Drama TV series; A hint of humor and loads of Drama to fill your walls but not your life, so if you're looking for unique Ramadan Gifts to bring with you to Iftar, or if you wish to give your home a mini makeover and searching for unusual Ramadan decorations, we got you covered!

To view our full Ramadan Collection

Arabic Posters | Ramadan Decorations | Say Wallah | Yislamoo



Arabic Pop Art | Ramadan Home Decorations | No Salik | Yislamoo

No Salik!

Ramadan Gifts | Yalla vs Inshallah Wall Art | Yislamoo

Yalla vs. Inshallah


And now! See how your wall come to life when you combine them all together or throw something completely new in the mix

Ramadan Collection Ramadan Drama Pop Art Posters | Yislamoo

Arabia's definition of procrastination!

Arabic Posters | Ramadan Drama Collection | Yislamoo

This is what happens when you don't go easy on Vimto!
Say Wallah | Arabic Art | Yislamoo
Saving the best for last!

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