Yislamoo Meaning

August 01, 2018 1 min read

Yislamoo Meaning | Blog 

We've been asked many times about Yislamoo meaning, so we thought we write this article to explain this beautiful Arabic word.

The word in Arabic is written: يسلموو Yislamoo or like some spell it yeslamoo is a sincere way of saying Thank You to express gratitude. It translates to a prayer: “may you be safe from harm” or "may you be blessed".

The term is deeply rooted in our heritage and Middle Eastern culture since Arabic hospitality is a trademark of the region; People tend to feel in debt if you do something nice or a favor for them. When a person wants to express gratitude and has nothing to offer at that moment, sending out a prayer such as 'Yislamoo' is the individual’s way of returning the favor or gift on spot. 

We hope this term makes it's way into your vocabulary, home and hearts.


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