Rasha Hamdan

Allo from the Other Side

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  • Available to purchase in 3 different formats: Giclee print only, ready framed or stretched canvas.
  • Poster sizes A4 - A1.  (For framed pieces - outermost dimensions listed)
  • Framed Art Prints & Stretched Canvas are ready to hang.
  • Posters are shipped worldwide, frames are only available in the UAE

This minimal poster art print adds a contemporary touch to Arabian wall art.

Believe it or not, it is one of our favorite pieces

Titled: Allo from the other side...


We're fully aware of the controversy of Burqa and it's socio/religious roots, but most importantly the impact it has on women's lives and how women with a strong will and passion for life will always try to stand out and reach out. Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. Even beneath layers of modesty, there will be a whiff of perfume, a dash of red nail polish or beautifully kohl-drawn eyes, one of the few "allowed/acceptable" ways for a woman in some regions to express herself. This piece salutes women for constantly finding ways to reach out, to liberate themselves.

Allo from beautiful Arabia...

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