Yislamoo Greeting Card Wholesale

Whether it's for kids' birthdays or a graduation or the Holiday Seasons, Yislamoo greeting cards are a perfect fit to a variety of retail outlets. Our wholesale lineup includes over a 100 greeting designs and it keeps growing!

If you're interested in having Yislamoo cards in your store, just email us at sales@yislamoo.com!

We'll send you a complete card list with photos, and all other assets to complete your order for your store.

Order Online

Now you can place an order online at www.yislmaoo.com! All you have to do is email us at sales@yislamoo.com to get an access code to place your next order online.



We are proud to be stocked in over 50 stores around the world, from large department stores to little boutiques. Are you interested in joining Yislamoo family? email us at sales@yislamoo.com

Yislamoo is Available in:

  • Jordan

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Lebanon

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Oman. Muscat

  • United States. Texas

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is there a minimum order? We don't have a minimum order, however, we do recommend an order of $500 for new retailers. This is to ensure you have a good collection of Yislamoo cards that ultimately guarantees better sales for your store. 

    • Can I order sold-out items? Yes, please email us at sales@yislamoo.com specifying how many pieces you wish to order from a particular card and we can send you feedback on when it's back in stock or if we can reprint it right away.

    • Do you have a display option forYislamoo cards? You may either use a floor-top or counter-top spinning stand or a wall shelving for your Yislamoo cards.

    • Can you guarantee exclusivity with our store? We do not offer exclusivity for specific regions or stores at this time.