Size Guide
Laptop Sleeves Specifications & Shipping


12" 13" 14"
Length (inner dimensions), cm 27 30 34.8
Height (inner dimensions), cm 18.5 20.3 23.1
Depth, cm 1.8 1.8 1.8


.: Printed on demand and shipped from USA
.: 100% Polyester
.: Top loading zipper
.: Black polyester back
.: Lightweight
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Arabic Alphabet in Color Laptop Sleeve

Who said laptop sleeves should be functional only? Well we didn't get that memo thankfully, because we're in love with this colorful laptop sleeve that makes your most boring laptop duties worth the hassle when you carry this fashionable bag around.

The letters used are from a custom-made font especially created from Yislamoo and the vibrant colors make this laptop sleeve pop anywhere you place it, so as long as you keep your laptop tucked away, you'll never loose it again! Functionality anyone?

Have fun with fashion and tech gadgets all at the same time beautifuls!