Rasha Hamdan

Arabic Alphabet Poster

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Every child's room needs a stylish ABC display, and this minimal print is Arabia's answer to the alphabet.

If you're looking for black and white wall art for nursery or toddler wall art to decorate your kids room, the best choice is always to go with something that doesn't get quickly outdated. Kids wall posters or toddler room art doesn't have to be all superheros and cartoon characters, especially when they're too young to have a say :) So take charge of your nursery wall decor!

Pronounced Abjad Hawwaz Hottee Kalamon, where "Abjad" is the name given to the arrangement of the Arabic alphabet.

Available in many sizes with the choice of Fine Art Print or framed in either black or white premium frame.Â

  • Wall Art for Nursery Posters are shipped worldwide, frames are only available in the UAE

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